How A Seven Year-Old Girl Inspired Me

Picture this scenario:

We’re at a concert with our favorite artist, singing along, enjoying the music, when suddenly you’re called to the stage. Not our group, just you.

Would you go?

Now you’re on the stage, he/she asks you to introduce yourself to the audience, make small talk with you in front of thousands of people, and then asks if you will sing along on the next track, even giving you your own solo!

Would you sing your heart out?

I don’t know either.

However, I witnessed this very scene on Sunday night in Des Moines at an outdoor concert featuring Brandi Carlile. It was hot, it was packed, and a little seven-year-old girl named Cadence was called to the stage, thanks to the sign her mom made her.

When Brandi asked her to sing, I can tell you this:

Seven-year-old Cadence did not worry if people could see her thighs touching or if her stomach was sucked in enough.

She did not say she couldn’t sing and just awkwardly tap her leg on the stage, feeling like everyone was staring at her, and praying the song would be over soon.

She did not mumble into the mic, hoping no one would notice she didn’t know all the words.

She didn’t laugh awkwardly, go back to her seat, and beat herself up for not doing a better job.

Instead, she belted her song out, as if she sang it a million times in the car with her mom, which she probably had.

Watching her made me think….what if we approached life like a seven-year-old singing on the stage with her very favorite singer instead of being so fearful, so worried…so not enough?

The moment at the concert made me think of another moment.

Years ago at a Stella & Dot Director’s Retreat, Shirzad Chamine, Positive Intelligence author, asked all attendees to bring a picture of themselves around age 3-5. He reminded us, that as a child of God, this little child, who we once were, is who we are today. The things we tell ourselves as adults, would we say the same to the precious child we once were? Probably not.

So the next time, any of us are asked to sing on the stage, made the lead on a project at work, decide to knock on your new neighbors’ door to introduce yourself, or want to make sure your child’s birthday party is just as fun as as all of her friends’, think of little Cadence belting it out in front of thousands.

Be Fearless and Sing Like You Know Every Word.

Keep your heart young. This one knew every word. Last night at @BrandiCarlile. #nitefalldsm #desmoines #brandicarlile

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