I’ll Be Back On Primetime Tomorrow!

Stella & Dot PR just called to let me know the Stella & Dot episode of “Undercover Boss,” filmed partly in Des Moines at one of my trunk shows, will air TOMORROWFriday at 7pm CT/8pm ET on CBS.  Tune in to see a really fun showcase of our brand!

While the 1/30/15 episode airs frequently in syndication on CNBC and OWN (my “Super Soul Sunday” watching Mom’s dream come true!), Friday marks its first return to Primetime.

Tune in at 7 pm CT on(1)







Do you know what I love most?   This time I am really excited to watch. Sixteen months ago, the day before air date, was I really excited?

No. I was scared to death.

I had no idea what was going to be aired or how I would be portrayed. After years of putting on a brave face and trying to be perfect to the outside world, I had been incredibly vulnerable, not to a close friend, but to Jessica Herrin, our CEO, and now millions of people would see.

I had a splitting vulnerability hangover.

Did I just embarrass myself?  What will people think of me?  Is it going to be awkward next time I see Jessica?  Worst of all, I worried I had humiliated my family.

So here’s what happened: The show aired.  Nine million people watched.  I received an incredible amount of positive, encouraging feedback and, of course, found the internet comment thread that was so viscerally hateful about me that I just had to laugh instead of sitting in tears like I imagined.

I’m still here. I spoke my truth and the earth did not swallow me whole.

Being me, completely unvarnished, in front of nine million people, taught me an important lesson: not only would I never please nine million people, but I would never please even nine people at a trunk show!

That change in attitude led to possibly the best year of my life. I work fewer hours and spend more time with people (and dogs) I enjoy and less time with those who leave me exhausted.

In January at our Directors’ Retreat I decided to get vulnerable and honest in a talk that I previously would have tried to turn into a coookie-cutter people-pleasing bonanza.

And here I sit now, writing a newsletter that might make you wonder if I’m ever going to cut to the jewelry (don’t worry, that will come).

The next time you find yourself dealing with a mother-in-law commenting on your parenting skills, the mom at the pool judging your kids’ snack, or the “friend” making petty comments about you going back to work or starting a business, know that these energy vampires can never be pleased, so don’t even start.

Friday night, I will be enjoying Undercover Boss with my dachshunds Maggie & Molly, and not at all concerned whether all of America can see my Spanx.  Join us!