What’s Holding You Back?

“I would host, I really would, but I’m just worried no one will come.”

I hear a version of this at least once a week.

Yes, one of the non-negotiable (at least if I want to earn a paycheck) parts of my job is that I have to put myself out there and ask lovely ladies, including and much like you, to gather their friends together to do some fun shopping in their homes.

I’m being vulnerable, and I’m asking someone else to do the same.

Just like a hall of fame baseball player is likely to only get on base once a baseball game, most of the time, nine of every ten calls, in fact, I hear no.

Often it is legitimately a bad time. (Yes, even though your friends would be more than happy to sit on my moving boxes while they try on jewels, I get it why your upcoming move might put a wrinkle in timing.)

Sometimes, people are just completely honest that they do not entertain, they will never, ever host, but they do love to shop. Fabulous! Shop anytime, even in the comfort of your pajamas on a Friday night.

But a lot of times, I hear doubts, worries, and fears. Who doesn’t want to have their friends over to shop, spend time with them, and earn a killer Stella & Dot jewelry wardrobe for free?

“I don’t think I know enough people to invite.”

“My house is too small.”

“I don’t know if my friends will come.”

For some, it’s as scary as first day of school jitters. The 13 year-old within us fears “Will I wear the right outfit? What if I have no one to sit with at lunch? What if I don’t know anyone in my classes?” will turn into “What if I send out an invitation and no one comes? Will this Grace person think I have no friends?” (Side note: No!) “What if people see that my kitchen desperately needs to be redone or the stain on my couch?”

In this instance, it’s a trunk show, but how is fear, doubt, and insecurity keeping you from living a full and happy life for YOU?

It could be as simple as being scared to try hot yoga or as high stakes as asking to be considered for a promotion at work. Whether it is inviting the new mom to coffee or considering a new career, the good stuff, the really great stuff, in life comes from putting ourselves out there, just in the same way moms push their kids that first week of school (and every week after).

So as school gets back in session, I am challenging myself to put myself out there more, and I hope you will do the same thing.

And for the record, if you host a show, and no one comes, we will still have a great time trying on jewels.


With gratitude,